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Hello there!

Welcome to my blog 🙂 Let me introduce myself – my name is Julita (or Julie) and I’m a crafter, a designer and a cardmaker…and a blogger.

…and today is the day I finally made it! I started the blog! I have been thinking of this for quite a while and took a long journey through the digital and technical side of it, I have learnt a lot (although it’s only the tip of the mountain!) but I am finally ready to share with you what I love – the art and craft of making cards.

The beginning…

This is so exciting! It started over two years ago when I hooked up on making cards. Well, the FIRST card I have EVER made was many years ago. I worked as an English teacher at a Primary School in Poland…

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Just before Christmas the Art teacher was making some Christmas cards in the Teachers’ Room. I was fascinated and stood there watching her. She asked me if I wanted to make one too – how could I say no to that! I’ve always liked drawing, painting, all the arty and crafty stuff we did at school (I even did some knitting), so I had to try. She showed me some bits and pieces she had prepared and I got to work. I made a simple card that I later gave to my Boyfriend – he was delighted! Or very good at pretending he was (hahaha). In fact, I still have this card in the box… Are you ready? Here it is:

real number 1
My first ever handmade card

So that is the real number one! But I didn’t make any cards for quite a while after that…

In the meantime…

I moved to UK (in 2009) to be with the love of my life. My professional life – I started off as a self-employed tutor of English as a foreign language (and I still do that!) I know you are wondering why… Because I enjoy teaching, I love the English language and I am a linguist by profession. As a tutor I work with individuals and I prepare the necessary teaching aids for my classes. And you know what it means – coloured card and stationery are essential! And creativity is the key to come up with tools that would encourage people to learning or make complex ideas easy to understand (trust me on that!). So I gradually gathered a lot of paper, punchers, clips and other tools to make my lessons more attractive and my methods more effective.

Paper, paper, paper…

It all began around December 2015 when I tried making a card instead of buying one… OK, I admit, I didn’t buy enough cards. I was one card short! So I made one. A simple one really, with plain coloured card and a pair of scissors… And you know what? It wasn’t bad… It was… nice.

In 2016 I discovered a craft shop in the city centre and was amazed with all the lovely products! (Silly me, didn’t realize how much I hadn’t seen yet!)

Woo hoo! Washi tape – soooooo pretty!

 I saw a selection of washi tapes in a store and thought to myself – this is just perfect! It would be just what I need for my flashcards! I picked a few, turned over and… Wow! Patterned paper pad – 12 x 12 inches large – that’s crazy! – I fell in love with the patterns. I had no idea what for but I just HAD TO have that!

Mini punchers – just a few! How could I resist?! Little butterfly – well, no idea what to use it for, but all in all I could just cut TONS and make them into a wallpaper in my office-room. Why not, right?

Warming up

Then in January – I thought I could make a card for Mac’s (my Other Half) Nameday – a kind of Polish celebration. Washi tape came in handy! Then in March 2016 I didn’t buy a birthday card for a friend and had to get creative (again! haha). But this time I already had some pretty crafty toys! So I thought… let’s get those pretty papers and figure something out – and I made a card. Now that I think of it… so many things I should have, could have and would have done differently! But the friend LOVED IT! Everyone who saw it was either very nice or really impressed! LOL! Hahaha! Either way – I enjoyed the process of making it and was going to play some more!

Discovering the endless world of papercraft

And that’s how I started experimenting – using all sorts of stuff I had available, making cards for my Mum, Dad, Sister… and for a friend who saw those I had made and wanted one for a colleague (yes, a commissioned one came in quickly). Looking for some inspiration I discovered Pinterest, some crafty websites and more crafty stores in my area (and online) – and I was in!

Positively addictive

Within a year and a half I met many crafters online – made some really fantastic friends and had been experiencing so much good energy, support and encouragement that I can’t even measure! I’ve made 441 cards! Well, compared to most of my crafty friends it’s just a drop in the ocean but still a number that I am quite proud of.

Some of the cards I have given away, some of them I have sold, some of them I have kept for myself and some of them I still have – ready to add a little sunshine to someone’s day! Because what I like about handmade cards the most is this little sparkle in the recipient’s eye which seems to say ‘Oh, it’s so nice and it’s all mine, nobody has a card like this one’. Yes, that’s that. Of course, I don’t always get to see that but that’s how I imagine it happens. Obviously, I enjoy the process of making, using all the different techniques and materials and getting a bit artistic.

The latest events

A few months ago (in June 2017) I decided to open an Etsy shop to sell some of my makes. I had to improve a few things like the photos, descriptions, etc. Well, I still work on improving that. Then I started my Facebook Fan Page. One thing led to another and in August I joined Instagram. It is not the most professionally managed cardmaking business enterprise, but it is MY ENTERPRISE. A huge challenge for me. And I am driven by what has always given me the most satisfaction – helping others, giving others the best of what I can and becoming better.

The important people in my craft world

I met a lot of wonderful people, whose stories and approach gave me the courage to take steps I wouldn’t have taken (at least not for another ten years!). Among those who – I dare say – are behind all that are two lovely ladies and my special friends from a craft page who I have become particularly close with – Sylvia (yes, my dear friend, I mean you) and my ‘Loopy’ friend who prefers to be unnamed (but I know she knows I mean her 😉 ) – thank you for everything, ladies xx

There is also a special friend met on Facebook – my favourite mixed media artist who’s been rooting for me and kicking me in the lower back area when necessary – thanks for that, Magdalena! And last but not least my lovely mentor in blogging, Claire Donovan-Blackwood, a kind and helpful blogger, whose eBook Start a Craft Blog has been my handbook on the tough stuff – the technical side and managing it all. Thank you, Claire for constant support you’ve been giving me, for answering all my silly questions (which I haven’t finished asking, LOL) and the eBook! And thank you to ALL of you who have been with me – you all are part of my journey, I hope you will keep enjoying it with me.

And here we are…

Oh wow, I was going to write a short introduction and ended up writing half of a novel! Well then, I better leave something for the next time 😉 Thank you for popping in – I hope to see you again soon! To make sure you don’t miss on the next post, subscribe to my newsletter – there’s a little box on the right.

Still feel like reading some more? That’s great – see this post on making a 3D galaxy shadow box with a step by step photo tutorial and make your own one using a free gift 😉 Look for the link at the end of the post.

Oh, one more thing… A very important one! Let me know you were here – I’d love to know you better. You can do it in the comments below – tell me… What do you like creating? Do you have a blog? What would you like me to share with you? Or just say ‘hi’. It will really mean a lot to me!

See you next time 🙂



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    1. Hi Gill 🙂 That’s a surprise… I don’t remember adding any pictures of my cats…. May I ask, where you found it? 🙂

      1. Hi Julita, no it is not your cats. I was looking at all the different subjects that come up in the advertising section and found a whole page of cats! Gill x

    1. Thank you ever so much, Gill! You’re always so kind and I couldn’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement! Xx

  1. Congratulations on starting your blog, I’m looking forward to reading your posts & sharing your crafty makes. I’m a craft blogger too, so I’m really excited to find anouther person who blogs about craft / card making 😁

    1. Thank you 😊 I hope you’ll find my posts interesting and inspiring 😊 See you around 😉 x

  2. Julita you are one amazing, warm and talented young lady who is working tremendously hard to achieve your ambitions.
    I wish you lots of success in the years ahead. Sylvia xx

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