Drawing flowers – the easiest way possible

I have an easy drawing technique for you. It is the “must try” one – watch my tutorial (keep reading the post for the video)

In this video tutorial I’ll show you an easy drawing technique to create a beautiful bunch of roses using Tim Holtz Distress Oxides. This technique is perfect for cardmaking, art journalling and other art and craft projects. It is a truly simple and effective way to create floral designs for all kinds of gorgeous projects.

First time again (lol)

Hello my lovelies, I know it’s been a bit longer this time but I hope you will say it was worth the wait. I have made a video tutorial for you! Yes, my very first video tutorial on a drawing technique that I hope you will try yourselves and will enjoy using.

Learn to draw beautiful roses with a simple trick - no skills required! Watch a video tutorial and see how you can create stunning bouquets of roses in minutes with inks and blending tools #paperwishart #cardmaking #tutorial #papercraft #creative #paintsticks #arttutorial #video #distressoxides #drawingtechnique #drawroses #easytutorial

What for?

You can use this easy drawing technique for so many different crafty projects – creating original, unique and gorgeous hand-made greeting cards, in your art journals or for making your own patterned papers. And probably many more beautiful things. Whatever you create, let me know how it went – I would love to see your projects and improve the technique if needed.

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I came up with this idea because I am not very good at this. Not everyone feels at ease with freehand drawing… That’s why we buy stamps – they can do the trick most of times and let us create things we wouldn’t be able to draw or simply save us time.

Well, sometimes we want to make something that no stamp can help us make… Or we want to try our skills at drawing but we don’t even know where to begin. I am this kind of person – not so good at drawing but enjoying creating beautiful things… and lacking the basic thing necessary to learn the skills… TIME…

Luckily, this technique doesn’t require any special skills, any art schools or courses – it is so simple and absolutely amazing – I can finally draw flowers I really like – and that makes me happy! And you know what? I am ten times happier if I can make drawing flowers easier for myself and others.

Have I seen it anywhere?

I have made this video tutorial to share with you a technique that I may have made up (hahaha, not boasting here, honestly, I don’t recall seeing anything similar anywhere – but haven’t searched for it either, so there’s a chance I am not an inventor of it). Nevertheless, as my Dad always says „necessity is the mother of invention”. So I invented my own easy drawing technique and I am quite proud of it 🙂

Learn to draw beautiful roses with a simple trick - no skills required! Watch a video tutorial and see how you can create stunning bouquets of roses in minutes with inks and blending tools #paperwishart #cardmaking #tutorial #papercraft #creative #paintsticks #arttutorial #video #distressoxides #drawingtechnique #drawroses #easytutorial

A word of explanation

Oh, before you start watching…. I must apologize for the shaky moments – it’s my first video tutorial and believe me, getting the set right was a challenge… And there were lots of moments where I was almost getting to the point of giving up, nearly threw my phone through the window and … Well, I hope you won’t get dizzy (lol).

And one more thing – if you like the video – let me know in the comments, feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested – directly or on your  social media (tag me @paperwishart) and don’t forget to let me know if you enjoyed this technique and what you have made with it! Also, please let me know if you would like to see more videos like this one in the future. Now, enough of me typing…


See? I told you it’s an easy drawing technique 🙂 And you don’t have to take all the steps – some steps can be skipped – a bit different look might be exactly what you are after. You can add your own ways too!


What you need:

Distress Oxides (you could try other inks, but I can’t guarantee the effect will be similar).

Here I used Distress Oxides reinkers (ink pads would be better but I used  a few drops of ink splattered on baby wipes and that worked too)

Shop for tim holtz distress oxide | eBay

I used these for background:

  • iced spruce
  • antique linen
  • vintage photo
  • faded jeans
  • lucky clover
  • wild honey

and these for the roses:

  • candied apple
  • seedless preserves
  • wild honey

and these for the leaves:

  • lucky clover
  • peacock feather
  • twisted citron
You mighht already have these at home

A paint brush (I use a big one – to splash some water on the oxides) – you can buy some inexpensive set from Amazon here.

A small brush – one with a thin ending for highlighting the roses’ petals, it can be a fancy one with a water container (like the one I used) also available on Amazon hereor any regular one with a thin tip – just dip it in water.

Fine Black liner – well, I can definitely recommend my favourite set of fine liners from UniPin, having tried quite a few I can say these are absolutely my choice no.1 – water and fade proof, with pigment ink, best quality, which basically means I don’t get the tip squashed in! And they last for ages! They are available in a range of sizes for a very reasonable price – check this out: UniPin fine liners on Amazon.

Pick your own sentiment stamp

Sentiment stamp – I used a set from Clearly Besotted that I won in an Instagram draw from Paper Crafter Magazine.

(YAY! I know, how lucky am I?) 🙂

Learn to draw beautiful roses with a simple trick - no skills required! Watch a video tutorial and see how you can create stunning bouquets of roses in minutes with inks and blending tools #paperwishart #cardmaking #tutorial #papercraft #creative #paintsticks #arttutorial #video #distressoxides #drawingtechnique #drawroses #easytutorial

For the wording in this art journal page and the first card I used my oldest wooden rubber stamps (yes, that was my first purchase – rubber stamps and it turns out to be more and more useful)

That would be pretty much it… unless…

If you haven’t seen my photo tutorial on galaxy shadow box – you can catch up any time and read this post.

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Now I’m off to have a think about the next post – what would you like me to share with you?

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

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