Paint Sticks again – getting artistic with stencils

Hello my lovely friends, how was your week? What have you created? Have you played with paint sticks yet? I have – I’ve been making Easter cards using paint sticks. But today I wanted to show you how to use paint sticks with stencils in a bit different way.

I am going to show you how to create artsy images using paint sticks with stencils – in a super easy way.

Why Paint sticks?

As you may already know – I am crazy about paint sticks – they are mess-free, easy to use, easy to wash, affordable and AWESOME! All the cards I’ve made with them have this hollographic kind of shine that you can’t get with other paints, inks or anything. And they are SO ADDICTIVE – once you use them, you want to try more and more techniques and just can’t stop! LOL But seriously – they are BRILLIANT! See for yourself.

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using paint sticks with stencils – extended

Phew, what a week… It’s been a tough week for me, healthwise… I don’t really know what it is but I have been feeling so tired most of the time, I slept much more than usually and still felt as if I had walked long miles carrying heavy loads (which I had not!), and headache on top of that… So not much creativity or crafting for me. But, luckily, I had a video waiting to be processed and managed to do that. I hope you find it inspring. Without further ado – here’s the video – enjoy!

Now, are you thinking of trying  paint sticks with stencils? That’s fantastic, you will love them, I’m sure of that! You can use this technique with any stencil or make a stencil out of a die-cut leftover – just like I did. And you don’t have to fill in the shape with white paint – that step turned out to be completely pointless. I could have drawn an outline with a pencil (doh!) but it was an experiment and – who knows – I may use it one day! I know what you’re thinking, what if you go over the lines? Well, nothing, you will cover that later when colouring inside the shape, so don’t stress out about it, just enjoy the creative process 🙂

Want some more of that?

If you want to learn more on how you can use paint sticks with stencils, you are in the right place. Here you can watch my video on three techniques for using paint sticks – with stencils as well. In case you want to try something different, here is something you may like – paint sticks and embossing folders – a completely different way of creating raised images and creating awesome backgrounds. Visit my YouTube channel to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on new videos and sign up to get email notifications about new posts (below).

Don’t have the paint sticks?

That’s ok, here are links to Amazon (UK) and Ebay (US) where you can buy them at very affordable prices.

Amazon (UK):

Ebay (US):

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12 thoughts on “Paint Sticks again – getting artistic with stencils

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  1. Julita you make this look so effortless but then being Artistic comes easy to you. Well Done again. Sending love Sylvia x

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sylvia, you are always so nice ❤️ It really is as easy as it looks 😊 Maybe one day you will give it a try 😉 Sending love xx

  2. Juleczko, jestem zachwycona!! Jesteś niesamowita! Utalentowana artystka, w dodatku potrafiąca obsługiwać technicznie stronę internetową! Mega podziw! <3

    1. Aniu, dzięki serdeczne! Cieszę się, że Ci się podoba 🙂 Z tą obsługą to jeszcze dużo przede mną, ale kroczek po kroczku… 😉 Strasznie fajnie Cię widzieć! <3 xoxo

  3. This is fab! I didn’t realise about using the metallics over the paints – that’s a great tip. I’m baffled about how neat you are with the paint sticks – I find it so difficult to be precise with them – I guess the dabbing technique probably helps – I’ll try!!

    1. Thank you, Julia, I appreciate it. I agree it’s hard to be very precise with the paint sticks if you use them on a flat surface and dabbing is great for two reasons – works well on embossed card and works fantastic for blending multiple colours – the effect is like hollographic-rainbow-shine, which I absolutely love! And for some detailed work I use a brush (a tiny one) and a bit of water – have this shown in the recent video where I work on the spots where the paint bled through – have a look, it should give you an idea 🙂 As for the metallics over colours – try that, golden metallic makes all the colours pop even more and makes the blending smoother 🙂

  4. Just another day in the office for you Julita your talent has no bounds. Absolutely wonderful work as always. Sylvia xx

    1. Thank you so much, Gill 😊 You must try it, I agree, and share it, cause I love to see your works 😊 x

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