Hello lovelies! I'm really thrilled and excited to be a guest blogger for Tonic Studios 🤗 It's such a distinction! Thank you, Tonic Team for having me 😊 And I hope you'll all enjoy what I'm about to show you 😁 - let's make an art journal page for beginners. Art Journal Page for beginners - with... Continue Reading →

Hello my creative friends. Today's post is about art journalling for beginners. I am going to show you how to start your art journalling journey. I will create a simple art journal page hoping to encourage you to create an art journal page of your own. Start your art journalling journey I consider myself a... Continue Reading →

What is art journalling all about and what you should know before you start an art journal. These are questions I asked myself and the wide web before I started. And the more I was searching for answers, the harder it seemed to find them. But it can't be that hard, I thought. Well, I... Continue Reading →

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